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5 hot rumors surrounding the iPhone 6

August 2 2014 , Written by Willow Published on #New Release

When an iPhone release is coming up, people typically envision long lines in front of the Apple store, full of people who camped out the night before. Today, this depiction still isn't far from the truth. With every new release, Apple lovers everywhere...

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Nokia Lumia 1520 reveal looks set for October 22

September 17 2013 , Written by Lumia Published on #New Release

Nokia has just tweeted a teaser for the event, outing the date as October 22. There's also a picture of what looks like some Abu Dhabi sand dunes. Could be an interesting location for a Nokia event to take place. Original story below... Until now we were...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 release date delayed in US due to high demand

April 25 2013 , Written by Verstor Published on #New Release

For most Samsung fans, it is a good news that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be release on April 27th, 2012. However, according to the latest news, Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will be dalayed in US due to supply issue. Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in the US will...

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Asus is rumored to release new Inter-based Android phone

March 19 2013 , Written by Asus Published on #New Release

Have you ever heard Inter-base Android phones? Probably, not so many people know or ever seen some.When it comes to Intel-powered Android smartphones, there aren’t that many manufacturers yet. It seems there's more profit in making smartphones than tablets...

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Sony Xperia Z is to release in Japan on March 22

March 9 2013 , Written by Sony Xperia Z Published on #New Release

The so called world's slimmest tablet Sony Xperia Z is said to start its worldwide rollout in Japan later this month, and then it will reach to India in May 13. Available on NTT DoCoMo’s LTE network, the slate will launch on March 22nd following a pre-order...

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World's first Ubuntu tablet is available for pre-order

March 8 2013 , Written by Intermatrix Published on #New Release

It is said that an Australia company called Intermatrix has begun offering pre-orders of the first dedicated Ubuntu tablet has already made waves in gadget circles. The tablet is priced at AUS $299.00 and a discount of 10% is announced for the first 50...

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