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How to transfer apps from Android to Android

May 30 2014 , Written by John Published on #Android Guides

"How to transfer apps from Android to Android? I have apps I want to transfer from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Samsung Galaxy Note3, I tried to download the samsung switch on Android but it doesn't work at all, Is there any way I can transfer apps from Samsung...

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How to transfer music from Android to iTunes

July 14 2013 , Written by Stellar Published on #Android Guides

"How to transfer music from my Android phone to iTunes? I have an LG Ally and I have music on it and I want to get it on itunes so I can put on my iPod Touch. Help!" Don't worry, you have a chance to transfer music from Android to iTunes. All you need...

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How to recovery deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3

June 24 2013 , Written by Elaine Published on #Android Guides

"I deleted the wrong phones and lost all photos from my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone. I was wondering whether it is possible to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone? Then one of my friend sent me this samsung galaxy recovery guide...

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How to recover deleted data on Samsung Galaxy S3

June 9 2013 , Written by Dream Published on #Android Guides

"Hi all, I can't recover deleted photos on galaxy s3! I've been trying to get it into a usb mass storage but have been unsuccessful. I believe the photos i took went into my internal sdcard memory. Is there way to restore deleted photos on galaxy s3?...

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How to convert SWF to MP4 for playback on iPad

May 5 2013 , Written by Mickey Published on #Android Guides

"I'm going through the endless list of I don't know how many converters that said convert SWF to MP4 when ALL they do is convert FLV to MP4 so I figured I'd ask the the Apple gods. Can someone point me to a SWF to MP4 Converter so I can convert a video...

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Two easy ways to play WMV files on Kindle Fire freely

April 3 2013 , Written by Hernandez Published on #Android Guides

People who want to play WMV files on Kindle Fire will get an error saying "“Cannot play video. An error occurred while trying to play your video. The video may have been interrupted or is an unsupported format. Please try again." While, this is really...

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Android Video Converter, play videos on Android smartphone/tablet

March 24 2013 , Written by Android Published on #Android Guides

Android devicAes are becoming more and more popular, it is said that, Android devices will soon surpass Apple devices in market share and usage. Have you get an Android smartphone or Android device? It is a good idea to play games or watch movies on your...

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