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How to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

February 7 2014 , Written by Samsung Published on #Android Tips

How many times have you been caught with the need to do something on your laptop when you're out and about, but you don't want to drop five bucks for a coffee to suck up some ''free'' Wi-Fi? The solution is simple: just use your phone as a wireless router...

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 revisits the FCC with AT&T-capable LTE

February 5 2014 , Written by Johnny Published on #Android News

You might not have to sign up with Verizon to buy a cellular edition of Samsung's Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 in the US. The gargantuan tablet has returned to the FCC, only this time in a variant with AT&T-native LTE and HSPA+ frequency support; it can also...

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Samsung details MWC 2014 plans, Samsung Galaxy S5 release announcement and Developer Day

February 1 2014 , Written by Samsung Galaxy S5 Published on #Android News

People have been waiting for the Mobile World Congress especially since tech giants like Samsung will be announcing a range of their upcoming devices. Some people are still hoping that Samsung would shed light about its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Nonetheless,...

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