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How to recovery deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3

June 24 2013 , Written by Elaine Published on #Android Guides

"I deleted the wrong phones and lost all photos from my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone. I was wondering whether it is possible to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone? Then one of my friend sent me this samsung galaxy recovery guide...

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Huawei launches first Windows Phone 8 smartphone in U.S

June 10 2013 , Written by Nancy Published on #Android News

While Huawei may be de facto barred from selling U.S. telecoms and technology firms its networking gear, the Chinese company is ramping up its efforts to bring its smartphones to the lucrative market. Huawei is launching its first Windows Phone 8-powered...

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How to recover deleted data on Samsung Galaxy S3

June 9 2013 , Written by Dream Published on #Android Guides

"Hi all, I can't recover deleted photos on galaxy s3! I've been trying to get it into a usb mass storage but have been unsuccessful. I believe the photos i took went into my internal sdcard memory. Is there way to restore deleted photos on galaxy s3?...

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Samsung chooses Intel CPU for new iPad-competing Android Galaxy Tab

June 4 2013 , Written by Samsung Published on #Android News

With Intel largely absent from the current booming smartphone and tablet markets, the chipmaker has reportedly secured a deal with Samsung to power one of the company's upcoming 10-inch Android tablets. At least one version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3...

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