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Amazon introduces 'Login with Amazon' API for iOS, Android and Web

May 30 2013 , Written by Frank Published on #Android News

Amazon has introduced a new 'Login With Amazon' API for web, Android and iOS apps, competing with other OAuth services from Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. Online retail giant Amazon took a step to expand its footprint on the mobile platforms of...

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Top Android games in May 2013

May 27 2013 , Written by Admends Published on #Android Resources

Looking for some new games to play on your Android device? Here's our Top 10 Android games of May. Hopefully you will discover some free games that you've missed or haven't played before. 1. Candy Crush SAGA Similar to Bejweled, Candy Crush SAGA gives...

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Verizon Cloud spreads to iOS devices, Droid DNA and Galaxy S4

May 24 2013 , Written by Droid Published on #Android News

When Verizon Cloud launched last month, it would only back up a few Android devices -- not quite the cross-platform utopia that the carrier had in mind. Today's launch of the Verizon Cloud iOS app should get the company (and subscribers) closer to the...

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White LG Nexu 4 shows up at Google I/O

May 19 2013 , Written by Cook Published on #Android News

There are rumors that a white Nexus 4 might appear at Google IO, and congratulations, iy has been spotted at Google I/O on May 15, 2013, and according to the Android and Me blog. And it is also said that white Nexus 4 would hit the Google Play store on...

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5 best Temple Run alternatives for Android

May 17 2013 , Written by Sunny Published on #Android Resources

Temple run is one of my favorite games on android. In just one year it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The latest infographic talks about 10 billion sessions played spending more than 54,000 years. It is one of the fastest selling mobile...

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Google's Android on 59.5% of all 'smart mobile devices' shipped in Q1, Apple at 19.3%

May 14 2013 , Written by Lobby Published on #Android News

According to research firm Canalys, Google's Android platform continues to dominate the worldwide mobile marketplace as the OS powered 59.5 percent of the nearly 310 million smart mobile devices shipped in the first quarter, while Apple managed to grow...

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Amazon is said to develop a 3D smartphone and a streaming music player

May 11 2013 , Written by Chamie Published on #Android News

Amazon has developed many new hardware products, such as the famous E-readers and the Kindle Fire tabet. And now, Amazon prepares to amazing everyone with its planning to make a 3D smartphone and a streaming music player.. According to the Wall Street...

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How to convert SWF to MP4 for playback on iPad

May 5 2013 , Written by Mickey Published on #Android Guides

"I'm going through the endless list of I don't know how many converters that said convert SWF to MP4 when ALL they do is convert FLV to MP4 so I figured I'd ask the the Apple gods. Can someone point me to a SWF to MP4 Converter so I can convert a video...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available on T-mobile

April 30 2013 , Written by Mickey Published on #Android News

In my previous article, we talked that Samsung Galaxy S4 release date delayed in US due to high demand, and it is supposed to available on T-mobile from 29 April. And indeed, now Samsung Galaxy S4 is available on T-mobile. As U.S. availability for the...

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