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Rumored Nokia Normandy prototype surfaces on Twitter, reveals little

January 13 2014 , Written by Nokia Published on #Android News

That thing up there? Word on the street (that is, Twitter) is that it's an engineering prototype of the Nokia Normandy, a low-end Android device due sometime in 2014. The name has been floating around for a few months now, often accompanied by images...

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iPhone 6 may have even better than expected camera features

January 11 2014 , Written by iPhone 6 Published on #Android News

A newly published patent application shows that Apple is continuously working on improving the main camera in its iPhone, which already is the most popular camera in the world according to data collected by Flickr. The patent application is titled “VCM...

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Samsung unveils Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO tablets

January 9 2014 , Written by Samsung Published on #Android News

Samsung is at the forefront in new tablets at this year's CES, introducing the Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO, both of which run Android 4.4, or KitKat. The tablet maker also upped the ante in displays with 12.2-inch screens that have a very high 2560x1600...

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Nokia’s not done yet: 8.3-inch Lumia tablet, 4.5-inch phone in the works

December 11 2013 , Written by Nokia Published on #Android News

Nokia may have a couple of new Lumia devices in testing, if an Indian logistics website is to be believed, including an 8.3-inch Lumia tablet and a 4.5-inch dual SIM smartphone. The two devices have been seen in shipping manifests on website Zauba, and...

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Nokia's 6-inch Lumia 1520 launches on November 22nd alongside Xbox One

November 9 2013 , Written by Nokia Published on #Android News

Microsoft mistakenly kicked off pre-orders for Nokia’s Lumia 1520 earlier this week with a promise of a November 15th release, but the 6-inch handset is actually arriving on November 22nd. Both AT&T and Microsoft are now accepting pre-orders for the Lumia...

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Apple will soon offer in-store repairs for the iPhone 5S and 5C

November 7 2013 , Written by William Published on #Android News

Apple customers who've already damaged their new iPhone 5Cs or 5Ss will soon be able to head straight to their local Apple store for repairs. 9to5Mac reports that Apple is now in the process of equipping its stores to handle repairs in-house. The move...

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Nokia Lumia 1520: a first look at a 6-inch giant Windows Phone

November 6 2013 , Written by Cindy Published on #Android News

Nokia has just made its Lumia 1520 official. With a 6-inch display it’s the biggest Windows Phone ever, and its 1080p resolution is a first for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. These changes will usher in a range of high resolution Windows Phone handsets...

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Are the iPad and Android tablets two different markets?

October 24 2013 , Written by Android Published on #Android News

Apple's iPad event was pretty unsurprising. It was obvious that the large one would be speed-bumped and get lighter. It was also obvious that the Mini would get retina at some point - the only question was whether the supply chain could deliver enough...

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Nokia forays into tablet business

October 23 2013 , Written by Nokia Published on #Android News

Finnish handset manufacturer, Nokia Corporation has launched Lumia 2520 – a tablet based on Microsoft Corp.’s latest Windows RT 8.1 platform. The device is priced at $499 (exclusive of taxes and subsidies) and is expected to hit stores in the last quarter...

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Apple's flagship iPhone 5S outsells cheaper sibling two to one

October 14 2013 , Written by iPhone 5S Published on #Android News

Where Apple stands in the smartphone market is clear: The iPhone is the one to beat. It's simultaneously a leader in specs and a vanity status symbol. The high end is its territory. So when shoppers were given the choice between the latest iPhone and...

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