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Will Kyocera develop a gaming tablet for Android named Katsura?

April 1 2013 , Written by Kyocera Published on #Android News

It has been awhile since we had a really good rumor going around and why not on April Fools day, of all days, to have one come to light. Kyocera, the people who manufactured the slightly odd dual-screen Android phone called the Echo, are apparently developing...

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Motorola X phone is rumored to release in June or July

March 28 2013 , Written by Motorola Published on #Android News

Recently, there are more and more rumors about the Motorola X phone, earlier rumors say it would be a single device, but later, it is said that it is actually a series of Android devices that may very well be customizable in terms of hardware. We’ve checked...

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Samsung's next Galaxy Tab 3 is rumored to have a 8-core processor and full HD display

March 26 2013 , Written by Arthur Published on #Android News

Have you even imagined what will the next Galaxy Tab 3 like? While, there are already rumors about the next Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, it was said that it will be a 8-core tablet and full HD display. And below, let's look some news about the next Samsung Galaxy...

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Android Video Converter, play videos on Android smartphone/tablet

March 24 2013 , Written by Android Published on #Android Guides

Android devicAes are becoming more and more popular, it is said that, Android devices will soon surpass Apple devices in market share and usage. Have you get an Android smartphone or Android device? It is a good idea to play games or watch movies on your...

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Asus FonePad will come to Taiwan on March 22

March 20 2013 , Written by Barbecu Published on #Android News

Asus’ 7-inch tablet revealed last month at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona is about to make its debut in Taiwan. According to GSMInsider, Taiwan is the first country that will get the FonePad, followed soon by China and Hong Kong. The slate will...

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Asus is rumored to release new Inter-based Android phone

March 19 2013 , Written by Asus Published on #New Release

Have you ever heard Inter-base Android phones? Probably, not so many people know or ever seen some.When it comes to Intel-powered Android smartphones, there aren’t that many manufacturers yet. It seems there's more profit in making smartphones than tablets...

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iPad Mini is rumored to launch after updated Google Nexus 7

March 17 2013 , Written by Google Nexus Published on #Apple News

Small tablets are moving to very-high-resolution displays, like larger 10-inch class tablets have done in the last year or so. Budget tablets with high-resolution displays are coming later this year, an analyst estimates, with the updated Google Nexus...

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ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 get Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Update

March 15 2013 , Written by Transformer Published on #Android News

Android 4.2.1 Jelly update for ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 is now rolling out for the 10.1-inch tablet, making it the first non-Nexus tablet to make the jump to Android 4.2 For users of the Transformer Pad TF300 who had unlocked the bootloaders of their...

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Asus officially launched Transformer AiO all-in-one PC dual-boots Android and Windows 8

March 10 2013 , Written by Asus Published on #Android News

After many rumors and speculations, we finally see the announcement of Asus Transformer AiO, a dual OS device capable of running both Android and Windows. Unlike other hybrid products, Asus Transformer AiO this one is made by two to computing devices...

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Sony Xperia Z is to release in Japan on March 22

March 9 2013 , Written by Sony Xperia Z Published on #New Release

The so called world's slimmest tablet Sony Xperia Z is said to start its worldwide rollout in Japan later this month, and then it will reach to India in May 13. Available on NTT DoCoMo’s LTE network, the slate will launch on March 22nd following a pre-order...

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