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How to convert SWF to MP4 for playback on iPad

May 5 2013 , Written by Mickey Published on #Android Guides

"I'm going through the endless list of I don't know how many converters that said convert SWF to MP4 when ALL they do is convert FLV to MP4 so I figured I'd ask the the Apple gods. Can someone point me to a SWF to MP4 Converter so I can convert a video...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available on T-mobile

April 30 2013 , Written by Mickey Published on #Android News

In my previous article, we talked that Samsung Galaxy S4 release date delayed in US due to high demand, and it is supposed to available on T-mobile from 29 April. And indeed, now Samsung Galaxy S4 is available on T-mobile. As U.S. availability for the...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 release date delayed in US due to high demand

April 25 2013 , Written by Verstor Published on #New Release

For most Samsung fans, it is a good news that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be release on April 27th, 2012. However, according to the latest news, Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will be dalayed in US due to supply issue. Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in the US will...

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10 Mobile Apps to Control Your Laptop

April 23 2013 , Written by Joanne Published on #Android Tips

Whether you want to run your laptop from across town, move your pointer from across the room or even just push a few photos to a larger screen for everyone to see, you don't have to actually touch the keys to work with your PC or Mac. The remote app is...

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How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3

April 13 2013 , Written by King Published on #Android Tips

"Hi all, I can't recover deleted photos on galaxy s3! I've been trying to get it into a usb mass storage but have been unsuccessful. I believe the photos i took went into my internal sdcard memory. Is there way to restore deleted photos on galaxy s3?...

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ASUS Fonepad arrives in South East Asia

April 12 2013 , Written by Mitchell Published on #Android News

The 8GB version of the ASUS Fonepad with 3G mobile data and voice-calling has just been launched in South East Asia. This 8GB version features a microSD slot that is expandable to 32GB, and has 9 hours of battery life. Unlike most 7-inch tablets in the...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will be officially available on April 11 in the US

April 10 2013 , Written by Jones Published on #Android News

After wating for a long time, we finally get the exact release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. According to the latest news, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 tablet will be available at U.S. electronics stores beginning April 11. Featuring an 8-inch display,...

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Google is preparing for revamped Nexus 7 to take on iPad Mini

April 3 2013 , Written by Hernandez Published on #Android News

According to related news, Google is working on the second version of Nexus 7 which aims at taking the fight back to both Apple's iPad mini and Amazon's Kindle Fire by shrinking the bezel to accommodate a larger and higher-resolution display. The follow-up...

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Two easy ways to play WMV files on Kindle Fire freely

April 3 2013 , Written by Hernandez Published on #Android Guides

People who want to play WMV files on Kindle Fire will get an error saying "“Cannot play video. An error occurred while trying to play your video. The video may have been interrupted or is an unsupported format. Please try again." While, this is really...

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Asus PadFone Infinity Pre-Orders Start in Taiwan, Shipping in April

April 2 2013 , Written by Khambaita Published on #Android News

Asus Padfone Infinity is the 3rd generation padfone product which was featured in MWC 2013, though the initial release of first Padfone didn’t went the way it was thought by the company, but Asus is not stopping here as the new Padfone Infinity will be...

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