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Does this leaked Apple doc confirm the iPhone launch date?

September 1 2013 , Written by Evan Published on #Apple News

A leaked internal Apple document appears to offer further confirmation for the rumored September iPhone launch timeframe. A company calendar obtained exclusively by Apple Insider shows that the Cupertino-based company is drastically restricting the amount...

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Nokia Brings Lumia 925 to India

August 22 2013 , Written by Nokia Published on #Android News

Nokia Corp on Thursday began selling its Lumia 925 smartphone in India, the world’s second-largest telecom market after China, pricing the smartphone at 33,499 rupees ($513). The Finnish handset maker first released the Lumia 925 in London in May. Nokia’s...

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Apple’s iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C will launch on September 20th

August 21 2013 , Written by iPhone Published on #Apple News

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S and the brand new iPhone 5C will reportedly launch in initial markets on Friday, September 20th. The news comes from Japan’s Nikkei , which says both new iPhone models will hit store shelves on the 20th next month at...

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iPhone 5C will reportedly replace iPhone 5 and cost $400-$500

August 19 2013 , Written by England Published on #Apple News

KGI’s often reliable Mingchi Kuo is out with his latest Apple Watch forecast with some interesting new info. His latest findings: Components and EMS of the new iPhones will be ready for ramp-up in August and September, respectively Hon Hai begins manufacturing...

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Samsung launches Apps in local Indian languages

August 14 2013 , Written by Pierre Published on #Android News

Indians can now access apps in local languages on some Samsung phones, as the Korean company tries to gain more ground in the world’s second largest telecommunications market. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. said it has launched apps in nine local languages...

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Root Samsung Galaxy S4 in an easy way

August 7 2013 , Written by Vivian Published on #Android Tips

The process to unroot Galaxy S4 is easy. This process will come in handy if you are having problems with your rooted device or you simply prefer the stock firmware of the device. Here’s how to unroot Galaxy S4 in 10 easy steps: 1. Backup everything and...

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Apple and Samsung still in settlement talks, 'no indication' of imminent agreement

July 20 2013 , Written by Trevor Published on #Android News

Apple and Samsung have been in settlement negotiations following Apple's victory in a patent lawsuit last year, according to The Wall Street Journal. This contradicts a report from last November that said Samsung was not interested in settling with Apple....

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How to transfer music from Android to iTunes

July 14 2013 , Written by Stellar Published on #Android Guides

"How to transfer music from my Android phone to iTunes? I have an LG Ally and I have music on it and I want to get it on itunes so I can put on my iPod Touch. Help!" Don't worry, you have a chance to transfer music from Android to iTunes. All you need...

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Choose the right Samsung Galaxy S4

July 12 2013 , Written by Samsung Published on #Android Tips

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 is hit on sale around the world, Samsung constantly releases various verison of Samsung Galaxy S4 in a short time. So far, there are at least five Samsung Galaxy S4 version which may make you hard to distinguish and chiose....

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How to recovery deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3

June 24 2013 , Written by Elaine Published on #Android Guides

"I deleted the wrong phones and lost all photos from my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone. I was wondering whether it is possible to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone? Then one of my friend sent me this samsung galaxy recovery guide...

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